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Caballerango  (IN POST PRODUCTION)
USA, Mexico - 60min
Directed by: Juan Pablo González
Produced by: Makena Buchanan, Jamie Gonçalves, Ilana Coleman

As economic and social conditions become dire, a small Mexican town tries to make sense of a wave of suicides among young people through daily rituals and ceremonies.



José and Isabel, found their son Nando, outside their home, sitting in a chair, with a chain tied around his neck. He had taken his own life. El lugar de la memoria follows the family through their mourning process, constructing a deep reflection on memory and grief. 

While filming in 2015, memories of Nando are re-awakened by the sudden suicide of José and Isabel’s niece. This is the second suicide in the family and sixth in the village. Worried residents turn to performing an escalating number of religious ceremonies to make sense of this phenomenon.

While mourning Nando’s death, his sister attempted suicide. The family hopes this recent suicide of a niece doesn’t reinvigorate those feelings as Fernanda has since quit school. Isabel and José face the challenge of keeping their youngest daughter alive. As they anxiously await her wedding, they hope this celebration will mark a new beginning.



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