producer | filmmaker


USA - 25min
Directed by: Mitchel O’Hearn
Produced by: Makena Buchanan, Molly Flynn, Malina Panovich



Mattress is the story of a young woman in search of a place she calls “home.” Survival is her reality. When things seem at their most hopeless, she crosses paths with a young boy, who is as lost as she is. The woman’s reaction to the boy is not the maternal response one might expect. Despite this, he joins her out of desperation. Together, they wander, homesick for a place they can no longer return to, or that may never have existed at all. The glaring burden of the woman’s mattress gets under the boy’s skin until he can no longer take it. Mattress is a poetic tale of redemption. It’s about being forced to let go of the baggage you carry around after a trauma, and how healing only begins once you let people back in.


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