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Soft Matter

Soft Matter (2018)
USA - 72 minutes
Directed by: Jim Hickcox
Produced by: Makena Buchanan

When two young graffiti artists break into an old hospice, they not only run into a pair of scientists and their monstrous creations, they also end up face-to-face with a furious lightning-wielding sea-god!




It’s just like any other night in the shut down hospice facility, former patients posing as doctors, Grist and Kriegspiel continue experimenting on the other people unfortunate enough to be stuck with them. By splicing the DNA of biologically immortal animals with the patients, Grist and Kriegspiel attempt to circumvent that one human glitch called death! Suddenly the lightning-blasting Sea-God that granted immortality to those animals emerges to destroy them.

Meanwhile taggers Haircut and Kish want to step up to the next level and open a site-specific art gallery in the same building, a building they believe to be abandoned and not full of monsters and mayhem. They invite art critics from around town and when all of the factions collide, everything turns into fireworks.

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